Some things never change (x)

Some things never change (x)


Anonymous asked: In interviews when one of them looks at the other what do you think is going on in their mind?



Edward’s mind while John speaks: Awww look at him, OH GOD CRINGE, HE DIDN’T JUST SAY THAT! how cute is he though? MINE! MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!!! Ugh, I wanna do things to his face… CAREER RUINING STATEMENT JOHN OH GOD I MUST FIX THIS *starts talking and says something incredibly witty*

John’s mind while Edward speaks: I must focus so I can listen okay, I must keep focused, must keep focused, ugh, Ed’ard, ED’ARD, ED’ARD!!! LOOK AT ME ED’ARD!!!! IF I TALK HE’LL LOOK AT ME!! OKAY OKAY YEAH I THINK I KNOW WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT OKAY…  *starts talking and says something incredibly weird* 

:’D maybe? xx

this is just the greatest thing ok


slipperbythesea asked: I love your blog, hope you're well :)

God I’m sorry I’ve not seen this before, thank you, I’m fine, just a bit short of motivation right now. Hope you’re fine, I love your tags ;)


winterdays asked: you posted the GIF I'm talking about in December 3rd

I’m sorry for not replying earlier. I’m not sure which gif you mean, so if you could link it to me, I can research it properly. Thank you.

Dear people in the Jedward tag, specially “jedheadisland" and "Jedward-soda-post" (whose ask is disabled and that’s why I’m ranting out in public) you’re reposting old gifs that other people have made.

I can’t talk about the others but I don’t like it, each gif has a good amount of work behind, so please, don’t steal my gifs. 

If you like them, use the reblog button like everybody else does or make your own gifs. If you want to use them in a post with gifs of other people, ask me first, my ask is open for everybody.

Thank you.